Adventure Island

Tampa FL Has New Thrill Rides For Families and Thrill Seekers

Adventure Island is a water park northeast of Tampa, Florida. It’s located across from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and features 30 acres of water rides, dining, and attractions. It opened in 1980 and is owned by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The water park is open year round and has an array of fun activities for families. You can return to our homepage.

Rapids Racer

Adventure Island has opened two new thrill rides for families and thrill-seeking thrill-seekers. The first is the world’s first dueling saucer water slide, the Rapids Racer, which will feature two-person rafts navigating high-speed tunnels and side-by-side racing. The second is the family-friendly water slide, Wahoo Remix, which will feature synchronized light and sound elements and a family-size raft.

The newest slides are the Wahoo Remix and the Rapids Racer, two-person raft rides. Both water slides feature low walls and dueling saucers to keep passengers entertained and occupied while zooming through the water. The rides are located on McKinley Drive, near Busch Gardens.

The Rapids Racer is the tallest attraction at the water park, so it’s best for those a bit smaller than average. The ride is approximately the size of a 4-year-old, but it’s still a fun experience. The two-person rafts race side-by-side, passing each other at designated points along the clover leaf-shaped run. The ride also includes dueling saucers and spins through a loop.

Colossal Curl

A new mega slide at Adventure Island Tampa has opened and it is called the Colossal Curl. It is a 72 foot watery incline and features 20 yards of hydroplaning. It is a great thrill ride for the entire family. You can ride it alone or with up to four other people.

This ride will be located in the center of Adventure Island and it will replace the Gulf Scream. It will be 560 feet long and 70 feet tall. It will also feature a free-fall element. It will take about 40 seconds to complete the ride. The ride has been in the works for years and will open for business on March 7.

Thrill seekers will love the Colossal Curl. The four-lane, mat-racing slide features two launch capsules. Riders climb into these capsules before launching themselves down the tube. The ride also features a mini funnel and half-pipe element. Another attraction, the Solar Vortex, features large circular rafts with a tailspin element. Discover More about Tampa here.

Runaway Rapids

One of the first attractions at Disney’s Florida Adventure Park, Runaway Rapids was a five-slide water ride with two slides for kids and three for adults. The attraction is no longer operating, and the rockwork has been removed. The park filed for demolition permits in February 2021, and plans are underway to tear down the entire attraction, including the Rapids Racer.

The Adventure Island water park is a family-friendly attraction located across from Busch Gardens. Visitors can enjoy water rides, lazy rivers, and lagoon slides in a tropical, Key West-inspired atmosphere. The park also has a wave pool and children’s water playground. The park’s newest attraction is Colossal Curl, a thrilling family water slide.

The water park is surrounded by a sand area and a sandy area where guests can swim and play beach games. Guests can use a Cashless Wristband device to pay and purchase items at the park. Most swimming apparel can be purchased on-site, and the park has wheelchair and disabled-friendly restrooms.

Wahoo Remix

Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida, has recently added two new thrill rides to its lineup, including the Wahoo Remix. The 600-foot ride pits two-person rafts against each other, and features a dueling saucer experience. Younger riders may want to stay away from the ride because of its dark atmosphere.

Previously, the park only offered a single ride, the WaveRunner, but it is now open for the entire year. The park has also added a new full-service bar to its lineup, the Hang Ten Tiki Bar, located between the Rapids Racer and the Wahoo Remix. The Hang Ten Tiki Bar offers handcrafted signature cocktails and local brews. It also serves light snacks.

New water slides are an integral part of Adventure Island’s growth strategy, and two new thrill rides are on the way. Rapids Racer, a dueling water slide featuring saucers, is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 7. Pass Members can ride the Rapids Racer before the park opens its gates to the general public. Next blog post.



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