5 Outdoor Pathway Lighting Tips To Improve Your Yard

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Did you know that over half of the accidental deaths that occur in or around the home are due to a slip or fall? One way to cut down the chances of this happening to you, your family, or your friends is to make your backyard safe with lighting.

Putting lighting in your backyard, especially along any path ensures anyone back there can safely navigate the space while enjoying a barbeque or family party.

Are you interested in lighting up your backyard, but unsure where to start? Keep reading for five of our best tips when considering outdoor pathway lighting.

1. Select the Right Type

Be sure when you go to buy pathway lighting, you make the right choice. Garden lights have a shade on top that shines light down on paths. They frequently are placed next to plants and in beds of flowers. A second option is Bollard lights. These look like little pillars and can create light in a complete circle. These are helpful if you want to illuminate your path and surrounding foliage.

2. Consider Flush Lights

If you are worried about fixtures sticking up out of the grass or don’t want to fuss over them while mowing, you should look into flush pathway lighting. This type of inset lighting would look great around a pool. They can help cut down on pool accidents including drownings.

3. Placement Matters

Don’t just start plopping lights wherever you want. Try to space your lighting fixtures anywhere from 10-15 feet apart. Stagger lights on either side of a path to create a balanced look. Seek out the type of fixture that point light down towards feet, not upwards into the eyes (unless you are using flush lights). Don’t go overboard. Be subtle and stick with low-wattage bulbs.

4. How to Power

If you want a green option, seek out solar-powered lights. These will charge themselves during the day and provide a cozy glow in the evenings without much effort. If you don’t live in a sunny area, you will need to connect your outdoor pathway lighting to power. An easy option is to plug your lights into an outdoor power socket. If you install a transformer for the lights, go with a low-voltage option. Given the possibility of wet conditions, a low voltage is safest.

5. Where to Buy

You local home goods or hardware stores likely will have a few different options you can browse. Shopping around online is also a good way to find deals. While you can find fixtures at many home stores, consider seeking out a professional. The pros will be able to give you options that will work best in your yard at a variety of price points.

Find Your Perfect Outdoor Pathway Lighting Today

Hopefully, now you have some helpful ideas and tips for lighting up your backyard like a pro. Do you want to discuss lighting options further? Maybe start making plans for what will work best in your own backyard? If so, please contact us. We love to help make backyard dreams come true!

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